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Best-Kept Secrets: IIT Hyderabad

The Department of Design at IIT Hyderabad (IITH) offers a comprehensive education in design through its various programs. Aspiring designers have the opportunity to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, each with distinct admission processes and parameters. Here’s a concise guide to understanding the admission process, key parameters, and the different pathways available for prospective students.

1. Admission Process at the Department of Design

Undergraduate Program (B.Des): The Bachelor of Design (B.Des) program at IITH is an undergraduate course designed to nurture creative and innovative thinking. The admission process for B.Des includes:

  • Eligibility: Candidates must have completed their 10+2 or equivalent examination.

  • Entrance Exam: Admission is based on the Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED) scores.

  • Counseling and Seat Allotment: Shortlisted candidates are called for a counseling session where seats are allotted based on their UCEED rank.

Postgraduate Program (M.Des): The Master of Design (M.Des) program caters to graduates who wish to deepen their design knowledge and skills. There are multiple pathways to enter the M.Des program at IITH:

M.Des (Regular):

  • Eligibility: Candidates must hold a bachelor's degree in design, engineering, architecture, or a related field.

  • Entrance Exam: Admission is based on the Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED) scores.

  • Interview: Shortlisted candidates from the CEED scores are invited for a personal interview.

M.Des by Project:

  • Eligibility: Similar to the regular M.Des, this program is aimed at candidates with a strong portfolio and relevant project experience.

  • Project Proposal: Applicants must submit a detailed project proposal.

  • Interview: The proposal and portfolio are reviewed, and selected candidates are called for an interview.

Online M.Des:

  • Eligibility: This is designed for working professionals who hold a bachelor’s degree in design or related fields.

  • Selection: Candidates are selected based on their academic background, professional experience, and a statement of purpose.

2. Parameters of Admission

The admission parameters for the design programs at IITH focus on assessing the candidate's creative aptitude, academic background, and project management skills. The key parameters include:

  • Academic Qualifications: A relevant undergraduate degree for postgraduate programs.

  • Entrance Exam Scores: UCEED for B.Des and CEED for M.Des are critical in the initial shortlisting process.

  • Portfolio: For M.Des by Project and Online M.Des, a robust portfolio showcasing previous work and design projects is essential.

  • Interview Performance: Personal interviews are conducted to assess the candidate’s suitability for the program based on their creativity, problem-solving skills, and motivation.

  • Project Proposal: For the M.Des by Project, the quality and feasibility of the project proposal are crucial.

3. Different Admission Processes

The Department of Design at IITH offers multiple pathways to accommodate various types of students:

  • B.Des Program: Focuses on fresh school graduates with a keen interest in design, evaluated through UCEED scores and counseling sessions.

  • M.Des Regular: Targets graduates from design and related fields, with admission based on CEED scores and a personal interview.

  • M.Des by Project: Ideal for candidates with significant project experience and a strong portfolio, requiring a detailed project proposal and an interview.

  • Online M.Des: Caters to working professionals seeking to advance their design knowledge without disrupting their careers, selected based on academic and professional experience.

The Department of Design at IIT Hyderabad offers diverse and flexible admission processes to cater to different aspirants' needs, ensuring that each candidate’s creative potential is thoroughly assessed and nurtured. Whether you are a fresh school graduate, a seasoned professional, or a project-focused designer, IITH provides a pathway to help you achieve your academic and professional goals in the field of design.

You will find the DAT question paper of:

  • Self Sponsered

  • Industry Sponsered

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